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Teen Dog Obedience

Age:  7 months to 15 months 

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Temperament: Most.  Very reactive dogs are not well served in this class and should consider the “Chill Obedience” first.

What is taught:  This class focuses on the teenaged pup.  These are the “difficult months”.  We work on control of our dogs, and increasing their good manners with humans and dogs as well as basic behaviors.

Why should you attend:  Even if you went to a puppy class, your dog needs to stay in school to keep up on your dog's good manners.  You can teach your dog to be a lovely, civilized animal.  This class also teaches you and your dog how to communicate so you can teach him any behavior of which your dog is physically capable.

What do you need to bring:  Dog, 6 ft or 9 ft leash, collar or harness, excellent food treats.

6 week class