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Growl or Chill Class

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Age:  Any

Temperament: Reactive, Nervous or “Aggressive” Dogs

What is taught:  Tolerance.  Dogs learn to ignore and tolerate other dogs and people.  We do this thru the “Look at that” technique developed by Leslie McDevitt.  We also implement scientific methods of desensitization and distraction.  You will learn how to manage your dog’s behavior successfully.

Why should you attend:  Reactivity just does not go away by itself.  It does not go away thru punishment.  It only gets worse.  Your dog can become dangerous.  Your dog stops being a fun companion.  YOU CAN CHANGE THE BEHAVIOR sometimes slowly but it can be changed.

What do you need to bring:  Dog, 6 ft or 9 ft leash, collar or harness, excellent food treats.

Usually a 6 week class