K8's Gr8 K9s

fun for both ends of the leash


Age:  Any


Temperament:Most.  Very reactive dogs are not well served in this class and should consider the “Chill Obedience” first

What is taught: Stay, Working on both Right and Left Sides, and other obedience skills needed in Agility.  The dogs are introduced the contact of Weave Poles, Jumps (low only), Tunnel, Teeter-totter. 6 week class.

Why should you attend:  This class is a great class for active dogs.  It teaches your dog balance and foot awareness.  This is a very basic class that can prepare you to take an Agility class at one of the many Agility facilities in San Diego.  This class will also increase your dog’s ability to pay attention to you around other dogs in action

What do you need to bring:  Dog, 6 ft or 9 ft leash, collar or harness, excellent food treats.

6 week class