K8's Gr8 K9s

fun for both ends of the leash

Look at that!


Your dog knows “click”=”treat”

End result:

On command, your dog will look at something, then look back at you

What happened:

Thru counter conditioning you have caused your dog to go from “Eeekk a dog!  Go-awayGo-awayGo-awayGo-awayGo-away (bark bark bark)” to  “Whee a dog! Did you see what I did?  I looked! I looked! Give me a cookie!”

To start:

Repeat until you would bet $50.00 that your dog would look at the toy.  NOW you can add a verbal cue: “Look at that!”

Next Step:


Reaction to dogs etc

Point the dog out to your dog, click when they look then block the dog’s vision and c/t

Work up to not havening to block their vision.


At what distance does your dog freak (ie “exhibit the barking behavior”)?

Add ten feet.

When your dog looks at the other, the NANO-second the dog looks at the other, you need to “MARK” and “TREAT”  (is your timing poor?  PRACTICE WITH A HUMAN)

Do not leave your house without food. Would you pay your employees with a bad check?  Would expect them to show up the next day?

Don’t let “life happen”.  You need to plan well for those first few weeks.  Random walks in random areas can’t be planned.  Plan all interactions.  You have a brain, it’s larger than the dogs, try your best to use it.

This behavior goes with, but is different from, “Open Bar, Closed Bar”