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fun for both ends of the leash

    • TOUCH!

    GOAL:            Our goal is to get our dogs to put his nose on a specific object

    WHY:  This is a wonderful way to control our dogs.  Where a dog looks is frequently where a dog follows.  With a good targeting command you can cause a successful “Heel” and “Recall”.

    HOW:  Choose an object on which you wish your dog to focus on command.  We will your hand.  You could also use a stick, wooden spoon, or pen.

      1. Have a treat ready in your right hand out of your dog’s sight.
      2. While your dog is standing, hold out your left hand with two fingers extended slightly above your dog’s nose. 
      3. Your dog may immediately hit your fingers with its nose.  If so praise and give a treat.
      4. If not, hold the treat behind your left hand as a lure and when your dog hits   your left hand fingers give the treat.
      5. Repeat LOTS!
      6. Increase distance with no distractions.
      7. Increase distractions with no distance
      8. Increase distance with distractions.
      9. Repeat LOTS!!!!!

      Add the concept of touch to objects.  Use a pen, stick or pointer in place of your fingers.  If your dog is small you might even start this way so you don’t have to get so low to the ground.

      You’re teaching the recall:  Lots of time is saved by simply holding out your hand


         You show your left hand, your dog runs to your hand and leaves the watch.

          Lots of time is saved by simply holding out your hand

         Hold your hand at your left side, palm side down, and your dog “auto-heels”.